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"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching." - Gandhi

More often than not this blog serves as my own journal, my release and my reminder. Always on the quest for motivation, I seek aegis from sources outside the fire service and within. The quote above is from Gandhi. This man was disobedient and sought civil rights for people around the world. This struck a chord with me. “Have I become too much of a preacher instead of a practitioner?” My vocation is a hands on one, yet so much is put in behind the podium.

Guard against Integrity Sabotage.

Do we practice what we preach? Even if we render an ounce of practice, we can guard againt Integrity Sabotage. What do we look like when others eyes are not fixed on us? Does our preaching match our practice or do we subvert to appease our peers? Conformity to ideals can contaminate our own principles when done so for the sake of appealing to others. The days of our youth can be revisited, simply longing to be one of the in-crowd. Practicing what you preach shows the hunger then preaching may drives others lust, so you STAY HUNGRY.

In our line of work, you will gain more followers by an ounce of practice than you will tons of preaching.

*Stay Hungry – coined by good friend and brother Mark Vonappen

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