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You will read on this site in various posts about A Culture of Self Improvement. I believe very strongly in this concept and try to surround myslef with others that express these same traits. Most of you know that my time has been spent working on Fire Training Toolbox with John and Chris. Why? Two Firefighters that are living examples of the self improving culture.

Yesterday John posted on his blog a short read on a new type of interior stair. He was alerted to this by another Midwest Training Officer. John’s area of “interest” is building construction, more so green construction. When ever he can share vital information in this area he shares, even if it as simple as posting someone elses work.

Too many times we hoard “nuggets.” We want to have an edge on others, a wild card to use in situations. Sometimes it is okay to keep these bits to yourself, especially if you are an Instructor¬†using your “treasure chest” of tricks in classes you teach. The end result should always end with you sharing. John shares because he wants every Firefighter to understand what they could face in new construction. Chris Sterricker shares so all may benefit from lessons that are taught everyday on the battlefield. I share to keep everyone in the game, till the final buzzer so we may celebrate our successes and passion together.

Today’s face paced, social media reliant world keeps us up to date by the second. Use these tools to learn, share and pass it on. The butt it might save, is your own.


For a few websites that understand the value of sharing information and improving ourselves daily visit.

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