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Every lesson has purpose, smaller pieces to a greater puzzle.

Training is a collection of ideas passed on based upon one ideology, the greater good. On the training ground we speak in vowels, constanants and numbers. Taking these letters and numbers to the fire ground where sentences and paragraphs are created, forged by hour after hour of “learning the alphabet.” Firefighting is learning a second language, you know what you want to say, yet you cannot form all the words to convey your message. “It’s just a saw, it’s just a ladder.” No, these are not simple tools for simple work. These are givers of life, protectors of property. Broken translations can injure and maim, the training ground builds phrases and accents, so we may speak the language of fire eloquently. One must never utter “I did not know” as this does not translate to our cultures dialect. One may only speak “Now I know, I have learned” after their vocabulary has increased. Every lesson we learn, is a smaller piece to the greater puzzle – standard, successful operations.

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