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Monthly Archives: December 2012

A lifelong pursuit, seeking knowledge and learning.

Not all training occurs in the classroom, the training grounds or even on the streets. Training opportunities occur whenever you have an open mind, open ears and the desire to improve. A true student comes from those who reach out to gain knowledge.  Students of the craft understand the process is infinite.

“Leaders seek the best way, not insist on their way.” Many qualities make a Leader, refining those qualities into personality traits is what makes a good or even great Leader. All of us have the opportunity to be a Leader, a positive force not just in our fire service lives but our personal lives as well. Everyone one of us participates in this trade to various degrees. Many spend as little as several hours a month whereas some spend more time in the firehouse then their own. This is not a sign of commitment or dedication but rather can be an indicator of how much influence the fire service has on you or the level of influence you have on it. Some may say Leaders are not created but born, I disagree.

The eye is more powerful then the ear. Pass on your knowledge by acting not demanding.

The influence of your environment has a significant impact on these skills, traits and habits. The factor that one must look at is how much stock do you hold in your own destiny. Will you stand by while others control it for you or will you take hold and lead? Do not blame others for their lack of insight into your thoughts, your words. Show them, demonstrate your emotions, your passions, your desires. Staring at a compartment on the engine does not convey your desire to learn more about the circular saw. Getting it out and asking to show you, sends the message loud and clear. Through actions leaders command, never demanding through words. Do the right thing, Lead by Example

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