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Monthly Archives: November 2012

"Brotherhood is forged in determination and sweat."

Many reasons bring us together. Each one of us brings our own diverse story and vision. Whether your passion pays the bills or simply satisfies a sense of community, when a group is determined to be their best, BROTHERHOOD will present itself. Some see it as a right or something received, we fly the same flag -  we equally share this bond. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Bonds created through long days of struggle and short instances of joy, a select few leave it all on the table. Bodies drenched, mouths parched with the scent of “jobs” on our armor, stand together. Few words have to be said, if any at all – this is the sight of Brotherhood. Each man and woman knows in their heart what they have done to prepare for this. A sense of pride, duty and honor is given not because of the actions of the moment, but of the “Determination and Sweat of the days, weeks, months and years before.” When it is time to do what is asked of you, can you be honest with yourself, can you be honest with others and say “I did everything I could possibly do, to be ready for this moment.” “Brotherhood is forged in determination and sweat.”

"May you never stand alone."

We stand side by side, no desire to standout. Some say Heroes, others Angels and Protectors. We simply say Firefighter.  Those that use their voice, whether the pen, the keys or speech, do so not for the attention but to say how proud they are to stand next to you. Standing out sometimes is to stand alone. To believe in something with such reverence, when all disagree or do not know better, takes pride, courage and a willing heart. Yet your message can fall in the shadow of the simple, easy to digest rhetoric of “popular opinion.” Do not fall victim to the low laying fruit. Conviction, standing proud when you are seen as alone, will encourage others to stand with you, more so than the message itself. Who do you stand with and what do they stand for?

"I run on the road, long before I dance under the lights." - Muhammed Ali image of NBCFD early extended family.

Each of us unique, our own set of challenges. What seems easy to some is difficult to others. We see this on the drill ground, we have felt this way on the fireground. Stumbling should occur during training, not in the ring. We must walk before we crawl, even re-learn or start over when we’ve been knocked down. Accepting we may fall down, yet knowing we will never be knocked out; is what we must bring to the fight, every round.

We are all on a personal journey, we all have a path to walk, yet we will never walk alone. The decision you make, is who you choose to walk with. Finding solace, comfort, in knowing that-  it is more important you having your brothers back than them having yours. This bond if crafted, forged and polished on the training ground. Learning the skill and the art while creating this concertion, fluidity, of teamwork. We train because we are brothers & sisters, we are brothers & sisters because of this training. While on our seperate paths, working together will ensure we fall and rise as a contingent of Firefighters. When one stumbles, it affects us all. Lend support to see them rise back up. We can afford a fall in training, not on the fireground. Resources are out there to prepare you, so the fall is not so far.

We all have been knocked down, but we are not out.

We are not extraordinary, we are just men and women that go into special circumstances. Our ambition; to come out ahead. Using training, equipment and knowledge with the desire to act, sets us apart from those we have committed to serve. Your story can be told by your scars. Your legacy, composed of past actions and current  reverence of our craft.
Do not let the spark fade before the end.
 When you leave the job, be regarded for your passion and not fading out early.

Always be who you want to be remembered as.

Pulling together, just as a hose team pulls the line we must work as a team to improve the worlds greatest profession.

We must put aside our petty differences and work as a team. Our goal is for the greater good; protecting the health, welfare and safety of the public. To truly rise to the challenge, we must do what is required of us. Some days it may not be glamorous or heroic but it is our mission. We all hold stake, we are a team. Today take the opportunity to improve your fire service. We all count and only together can we fulfill our duty of this most noble of professions.

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